Engineering support

Design engineering

MRS Technologies supplies a design service and are capable to undertake any projects of varying scales.

This includes:

  • Complete race car design
  • Systems integration
  • Performance improvements
  • Serviceability optimization
  • Reliability Rapid fix concern

Rapid Prototyping

MRS Technologies provides clients with prototyping services, using 3D printing.

We can import most 3D CAD formats allowing easy manufacture of your designs.

Parts can be produced in different materials, colors, layer thicknesses to meet surface finish, robustness and cost requirements.

Manufacturing Engineering

MRS Technologies has a great expertise in manufacturing engineering and can help you improve your reliability.

This includes:

  • Optimization of dismantling / assembly process
  • Amelioration of manufacturing process / tools
  • Improvements of quality control and post events inspections
  • Suppliers audit

Pit Equipment Development and Production

Being a end user of various pit equipment allows us to have a strong understanding of team’s requirements. This help us in designing and producing bespoke solution perfectly matching customers need.

This includes:

  • Pit Perch
  • Refueling Rig
  • 360° Pit Lane Boom
  • Powerhood
  • Lollypop

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